My name is Michelle a.k.a. @madamereadsalot on Social Media platforms (especially Instagram) and I am a huge booknerd and general geek based in Germany.

I talk all things bookish, TV-shows, movies, graphic novels, but also am quite interested in fashion and lifestyle and try to achieve an enjoyable mix of all these things put into my content.

Occassionally I get more personal and talk about mental health issues or give general life updates, as I have always been very open about myself on social media and this is a trait I feel makes it easier for my readers to connect with me on a deeper level and create friendships.

I live with my two cats, one a threelegged little royal called King Lui and the other a small thunder-kitty (Epileptic) called Madame Mim, so you’ll often see those two appear in my Instagram Posts.

My top credo is to keep things polite. My reviews will always be honest, but I am not a fan of impolite bashing of authors or books. I state why I disliked a book, just as much as I state why I especially enjoyed a book. I ask my readers to respect my opinions even if they disagree.

I preferrably read in english and thus my content is mostly written in english language as well. If requested, I am also willing to put out posts written in german language.

The face behind this blog.





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