Style Check (Ad)

Hello guys!

Today I have a little review of my very first woodwatch by JORD WOODWATCHES for you!

(I kindly got provided with the watch by JORD WOODWATCHES, thus I label this post as an ad, but my review remains to be my honest opinion on the product.)

I’ve been admiring woodwatches for quite some time now. And I couldn’t be more happy with my FRANKIE 35 CHAMPAGNE


JORD designs timepieces from natural materials and values sustainability. I really adore the combination of wood and a classy modern design! It works in perfect harmony and is a perfect accessory to make every outfit look fabulous, no matter if casual or classy, this watch really is a highlight!
Only time can tell.

I love to style my JORD watch to all kinds of outfits & have received a lot of praise for my FRANKIE so far, which makes it even more fun to wear! I love how much thought was put into designing these watches. From the buckle with push buttons, which makes putting the watch on or taking it off really easy, to the packaging which is also designed with so much care. I found JORD watches to be an all around design experience, I’m really glad to call my own!

If you’d be interested in checking out JORD woodwatches you can check out their shop:

Click > Men’s shop

Click > Women’s shop

And if you’d like to purchase the same watch I chose, follow this link to FRANKIE 35

Click > FRANKIE 35

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review of my JORD woodwatch! If you have any requests on other fashion items you may have seen on my Instagram @madamereadsalot you’d like to see my review on, please let me know in the comments section! (Also if you might have decided on a JORD woodwatch? Let me know your choice!)


Luxury Wood Watch

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