Oh well, hello there…

…miss me?

Probably not. 😀 It’s been quite awhile since my last post on here and that is, because I thought about whether or not to drop Madame’s Cozy Corner. But then again, it would be too bad to just let it slide and although my Instagram @madamereadsalot still is and (probably) always will be my main focus, I still want to share more content over here as well. With Instagram it is like this: You post pretty pictures, sometimes write a little bit more than a few sentences, but you still only manage to scratch on the surface of things. And I guess, that is where blogging comes in handy, for topics you want to discuss a little more profoundly.

Anyway. Now on to the updates:

Who follows me on instagram, will have heard the news about a few big things that happened in my onlinelife, that I am really exited about. No.1 would definetly be, that I reached a milestone with my instagram account and that is hitting 50.000 followers. It really is quite the achievment for me, since I regard my account as somewhat all over the place and always thought that only accounts with amazing setups are the ones who deserve all the attention. With mine, it was mostly about taking short snapshots of my books, but somehow it turned into what it is now and I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for it. I appreciate each and every one of my followers and I feel honored to be part and get recognition in such an amazing community! (Even though sometimes my photos are far from perfect ;-D) So lots of love for you guys!

Next thing I’m more than thrilled about are my representative-positions for @owlcrate & @appraisingpages! Although these are just temporary spots, I feel so lucky and thankful for it and it is such fun to promote their amazing work! (Btw. if you need a promocode for a little discount, you can use mine! *winkwink* It is MADAME10 for 10% off of your first order from Owlcrate and the code MADAME gives you a lovely discount of 15% off of your Appraisingpages order or 3$ off of your @thebookishbox. The shops are linked. Just click on the shopname. 🙂

Then comes another amazing announcement for something I am currently working on. Although it is only of relevance for my german fellow booknerds, I wanted to let everyone else know, what it is I frequently post about in german. Out of my own wish to be able to meet more likeminded bookish people, but having trouble finding groups to meet up in my area, I created @bookstagram_de an instagramaccount with the sole purpose of connecting german booknerds, organizing meetups and activities in different german citys. The first meetup is currently in the process of being planned and I couldn’t be more thrilled or nervous for what will become of it. It is something I see a lot of potential in and most importantly something my heart yearns for! I really, really wanna make it work! But let’s see where this journey will lead me to. You know I’m not the most confident person, neither am I very open around new people. It is a challenge for me in so many ways. But like I said. I want to make it work and I want to help other booknerds to find regular meetups more easily.

Processed with MOLDIV
Organization in progress: @bookstagram_de’s first meetup in Cologne.

And last but not least: I am currently starting to think of designs and working on pyrographic pieces and such for my own small creative business I want to start. This is something I really look forward to, since I didn’t get to do a lot of creative stuff at work for awhile now and I definetly miss it. So as a way for me to live out a little bit of my creativity, I decided to give it a shot. I’m only making some little things for my own flat at the moment to test things out, but if all goes well, I plan on selling some pieces online on etsy. Maybe I’ll also make an society6 or redbubble shop. But one thing after another. First I have to practice some more. 🙂

Well I guess, for now, that is all I can give you for an Update, what is currently going on on my part. Of course I am also planning on sharing more reviews on here again, as well as DIY’s! I’ll try to give this blog some life again. 😀 Although of course, it is also always a question of whether I find the time to or not. It is hard if you want to do so many things simultaneously. ^^’ But I will try my best!

I wish you guys a nice start to the week ahead and you’ll hear from me soon!



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