DIY #1

Hello pals!

Today I have a little DIY-idea for you I saw over at Melina Souzas Youtube recently (Look her up, I have her included in my TopTen-Youtube-Crushes post). I saw her DIY for these cute little jars and thought about adapting these in different ways not only to use as decoration, but for example as tbr-jars.

So here’s my little step by step tutorial how I created my jars.

DIYJarsStep1When I first posted this picture on my Instagram, I got comments that these figurines (by ‘Schleich’) are extremely expensive (up to 6€ for a medium size one). So that is why I’ll advise you to pay close attention on your next fleamarket stroll. You don’t have to use animal figurines either. Just pick whatever appeals to you. For jars, I have bought  a few jamjars and candyjars. But you can also recycle jars from your everyday life, as long as you clean them properly.

So you see, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all and will look just as nice!

DIYJarsStep2For the painting of the figurine and the lid I chose a golden Acryl-colour. Now I wonder if spraying would have been a little more convenient, since it took several layers for the paint not to show through anything anymore. Especially on the lids. But if you want to do it like I did, here’s a little advice: Let it properly dry before adding the next layer, otherwise you’ll just scratch off the paint you just applied. So be careful about that.

DIYJarsStep3Next comes the gluing. I used a gluegun for this. Superglue would probably work as well, though. When gluing the figurine onto the lid, you have to be fast about it. Otherwise it won’t stick. Remember when you have glued the figurine onto the lid, you still shouldn’t screw the lid on while holding onto the figurine. You’ll probably detach it like this. Be sure to always unscrew the lid only on the lid itself. (Better be safe than sorry) If there is any excess glue or it is somehow otherwise showing through, you can use your paint again to camouflage it a little.

DIYJarsStep4Last but not least are the tags. Use your piece of cord or any other string and wrap it around the jar and put a knot in at the front of the jar. Then cut out your tag to your liking. I cut mine like little flags, drew on a little outline and added my purpose for the jar. Cut a little hole into the tag as well and fasten it on to your jar.

DIYJarsFinEt voilà: here’s the finished result! A ‘To Be Read’-jar, a jar for a whole lot of happy thoughts from 2015 (which you can always open and read a few bits from, whenever you have a shitty day to lighten up your mood.), a smaller jar for my goals (because you should keep it simple and realistic. One after the other, otherwise you can’t properly concentrate on achieving them.) and a tiny wish-jar (which should only be used for the wishes that are closest to our heart… don’t bother putting in wishes like ‘I want to own all the books in the world’ or in my case ‘world domination’… even though those would be appealing, too…)

So, this is the finished product! What do you think? Would you like to make some jars for yourself now? If yes, I would be thrilled if you’d share them and tag me in the comments so I can see!

Have a cozy day, folks!



6 thoughts on “DIY #1

  1. This is so gorgeous ! I’ll use a yankee candle jar (I just bought my first one. A BIG one. So I won’t use it for a diy soon haha) . And I have something that looks like kat’s (katytastic) tbr jar. But your post is inspirational !


  2. Dein DIY hat mir wirklich wieder die Lust und Laune gemacht das auch selbst auszuprobieren. Schwirrte ja schon oft genug in meinem Kopf herum (ich stand sogar schon mal im Baumarkt vor den Sprühlacken und hab nicht zugegriffen.)

    Jetzt hab ich es durchgezogen – schon zwei Prototypen gemacht und find es echt toll 🙂
    Am Wochenende bekomm ich eine große “Tierlieferung” von den Nichten meines Freundes *weeeh* und dann kann es losgehen. Muss ich nur noch meine ganzen Konservengläser aufessen XD

    Wenn es dann mal ein schönes Foto davon gibt zeig ich es dir auf Instagram 🙂

    Liebe Grüße


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