Hey guys!

So recently I asked on my Instagram whether you’d be interested in a little summary of my favourite youtube-accounts. (and even if you wouldn’t want to know… I’m doing it anyway. Ha!)

So all these accounts are from people I highly enjoy watching for various reasons! For me it is not about perfect lightning, about whether they have a new haul of whatever every few days and so on. Most important to me is that I can listen to them talk, that I am enjoying their videos because they are creative, make me laugh, or I just enjoy their overall look. Really… No.1 criteria for me is: I like it when their behaviour feels natural to me. So here are my top ten youtube-channels I highly recommend! (I have a few more I enjoy quite a bit, but maybe I’ll save that for some other post.)


AnnaAkanaAnna Akanas videos have made me laugh SO MUCH recently. Seriously. If I’m down I just go up on youtube, click one of her videos and I instantly feel better about myself, about my weirdness and I overall just highly enjoy her humor. She is extremely talented and talks and acts about topics most of us feel insecure about now and then, like ‘Who am I?’, ‘Different types of insecure people’ or ‘How to handle haters’. Also her shortfilms are the bomb. Really! They are so wellmade it always leaves me in awe. So check her out over at her channel Anna Akana.


PeruseProjectOne of my favourite booktubers is and forever will be Regan from PeruseProject. I find her personality to be highly charming and somehow soothing. I don’t know why and I proabably can’t really explain either. But in the beginning when I talked about a ‘natural character’… I was basically talking a lot about her. I’m always interested in the books she gets and what her opinions on those reads are. But most of all… I just somehow enjoy listening to her talk. So if you need good bookrecommendations (especially of the fantasy-genre) head over to PeruseProject


abookutopiaAnother booktuber I like to watch is Sasha from Abookutopia. I love her videos for her cheerful and positive presence. She is basically how I would have wanted to be as a teen, being as open and outgoing about my hobbies as she is. So again: for nice bookish talks and some book to movie reviews go to Abookutopia


moinyaminaSo this one only is of interest for those of you who speak german. But I still wanted to include Yamina (since this post is all about my Top Ten and she definetly is one of those I watch EVERY video of.) Yamina again, is so natural in her behaviour in front of the camera, I really like to listen to her. Her channel is about exercising, being healthy, recipes and natural products for skincare, whiten up your teeth and so on. She is not vegan, but a lot of her recipes are. Not only does she give us ‘healthy living’-guidelines. She is very thorough with it, explaining how our body works, whether it’s about acne, metabolism or whether we have the right bra for our bust. šŸ™‚ I think she is one of the most positive inspirations I currently have along with Anna Akana (In regard of being content with yourself). You can watch her videos over at Moin Yamina


BeckiiBeckii is my go-to when I want to watch some colourful fashion videos. Inspired a lot by japanese fashion, but also shopping in online-stores I have access to, even though my bodytype is completely different than hers and I am by far not as fashionable (but sometimes I still do like to dress up) I really enjoy watching her hauls and sometimes makeup-tutorials. Her channel is so colourful and cute… how can you not like that? Her personality too, seems really sweet (sometimes a little shy, but that just makes her all the more lovable). And again, I always highly admire people who put their passions whether it is for fashion, Manga, Anime or in my case books, out there for the world to see. So for watching some bright, happy videos go to Beckii


TheReadablesNext up is Priscilla and I am a little sad, that you don’t really see videos uploaded by her often anymore. But youtubers also have their reallife, so no pressure there. But the videos she already uploaded are still among my favourites on youtube! Priscilla is an avid (comic)book and graphicnovel reader and a gamer (she has a second channel called Adventures with Lala ) and if you enjoy getting reviews and recommendations not only on books, but comicbooks too, you should definetly check her out. On both channels and on her instagram. Because this girl can draw Manga like wow. So here is her channel The Readables


NoodlerellaNext up is yet another colourful channel called Noodlerella by Connie. She is quite into everything cute and anime-ish or Disney. Her imitations of Disneycharacters are quite cute and never fail to make me laugh when she slips and has to laugh about herself. So although I just recently stumbled across her channel, I think she is such an cute, honest and quirky girl.


MelinaSouzaSo this one might come as a surprise, because I literally don’t understand a word she says. But Melina Souza’s channel is one of those I just find inspiration in again and again. Just from the visual influence it has on me. I don’t know…just looking at her, her room and the nerdy little things she gets, somehow gives me a mix of a serious case of envy, but also so much inspiration! You may have noticed she has a fake brickwall like me on her walls. Yes, I saw it on her instagram and decided: I need that, too it looks amazing. And although her little DIYs aren’t always as easy to understand just by watching her videos, you’ll get the gist of it even if you don’t speak her language. And you’ll have a lot of great ideas afterwards!


MadeyewlookActually this one, I only came across today. But really… those makeup-tutorials are amazing! From Jack Skellington and Sally over to the Beast, she has so many amazing makeup looks. Even though I’m not into makeup that much (Of course I do like my winged eyeliner but I’m far far away from being a pro) I admire her work. It’s art! So for freaking amazing nerdy makeup-tutorials head over to Madeyewlook


ParoleDeChatAnd last but not least. You probably knew that something with animals HAD to come. And with animals I mean, mainly cats! I love the videos from Parole De Chat! Basically they take animal-vids from the internet, dub them and sometimes ad a little extra matching the videos, like making Super Mario out to be the nemesis of cats, chasing them around with his little fireballs. The dubs are hilariously cute and funny (even though it’s french, but the voice is hilarious and there are english subs, so don’t worry. I don’t speak french myself.) But if you want a good laugh, then head over there and watch a few videos!

So that was it! My Top Ten Youtubechannels at the moment! What do you think? Did you already knew them all? Do you like them? Do you feel like I left out some amazing accounts? Should I post more things like this? Feedback is always appreciated! šŸ™‚

Have a cozy day pals!



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  1. Regan and Sasha are my favorite booktubers too! Like you, I enjoy that they look so natural and feels so spontaneous. I feel like I could watch their videos forever.
    I’m definitely checking out the others too šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for including me on your Top 10. That post made my day šŸ™‚ (it was a ~serendipity~ :D)
    You should start an Youtube Channel. I’d love to follow you there (I’m already following you on Instagram now) šŸ™‚
    xoxo from Brazil
    Melina Souza

    ps: my wallpaper is from Germany šŸ˜‰


  3. I’m really proud an happy to see Melina on this list. If you could understand Portuguese you certainly would be even more delighted. She’s a wonderful person and a inspiration for me as well.


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