Hello pal!

Please make yourself comfy! Have a seat with me, grab some coffee and food and if you’d like, let’s chat a little. Cause this is what I’m planning to do with this blog. Talking about things that wander around in my mind in one way or another, about books I’ve read, movies and series I’ve watched, Festivals I’ve been to and nerdy stuff I fell in love with. I want to share with you the things I think of as interesting, but also talk about things that bother me in my daily life. It may sound somewhat stupid to say this… but I’ve always found it reassuring to know that I’m not alone with certain problems and that is exactly why I want share my experiences and problems as well, so maybe you yourself can somehow profit from my rants about insecurity and my personal strategies to overcome them.

So what is to be expected of this blog? Nothing much, to be honest. If you are not interested in reading my rants, reading about nerdstuff and books… then sail away my friend. The sea of the blogging world is infinite and you’ll definitely find another blog that will be more to your liking. But I hope I can catch the interest of at least one or two people. So if that sounds good to you… let’s get rolling!

A few facts to get to know me a little for starters:

*My name is Michelle a.k.a @madamereadsalot over at Instagram

*I’m currently 26 and calling myself a granny in the bookcommunity. But seriously? Who cares. Age doesn’t matter, not only when it comes to reading books, but also when it comes to life. Something brings you joy? Then do it and don’t give shit about what others may think about it. (More about this soon!)

*If you know me from Instagram you should already be acquainted with my two cats King Lui and Madame Mim

*I am from Germany, so if there are spelling mistakes, you can tell me, but it will eventually get tiring for you to point them out. So you can also just overlook them.

*I’m a chaotic, messy, lazy kind of person. So if you have to wait days or weeks until I post again… I won’t even try to find an excuse. I probably just didn’t get off my lazy ass.

*I love books (duh.), Netflix, cats, coffee, sweets, fashion and all things nerdy.

And that’s about it for basic facts. I hope you’ll get to know me and my inner workings a little more with time and I look forward to get yet another opportunity to whine about unnecessary stuff and fangirl about other.

Have a cozy day and til next time!



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  1. I’m so happy you decided to dive into blogging. I love your Instagram account and I hope a blog means more awesome content from you 😀 So welcome to the book blogging community, and don’t worry, there are a bunch of bloggers older than 20. I’m 26 as well, so you’re in good company 😉

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    1. Aw thank you so much! I’m happy people are actually interested in reading more from me, since Instagram often gives the impression of it not being the case (at least when it comes to non-bookish content). But I look forward to experiment with this blog and hope people will like it! (And I know actually a lot of people in the bookcommunity are over 20 years of age, so that really bothers me not the least bit, that I got that nickname from my bookgroup over at Instagram… And actually I kind of digged my own grave with that nickname, since I started it myself… Soooo…😂)


      1. I guess Instagram is not the perfect place to share a lot of writing anyway. I notice that myself. I look at the photos and read the first few lines of text and unless those catch my attention I often skip them if they’re really long. It’s easier to start longer conversations in blog comments. On the other hand I also noticed how people get lazier and lazier because writing quick notes or sharing or liking on your phone is just faster and more convenient.

        In the blog community it really depends on the kinds of blogs you read. There are the young, really cute ones written by 13 year olds and then there’s the segment of old hands 😉


  2. Hallöchen 🙂
    Ich folge Dir jetzt schon etwas bei Instagram & ich liebe dein Bilder, Deinen Büchergeschmack & vieles mehr. Und endlich habe ich ein wenig Zeit, um mir auch Deinen Blog durch zu lesen 🙂 Es könnte durchaus passieren, dass ich mehr als einen Kommentar in der nächsten Stunde hinterlassen werde 😉
    Ich find es super, dass Du jetzt auch bloggst! Wünsche Dir einen wundervollen, ruhigen Abend 🙂


  3. Hey Michelle,

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love your blog. I look at it daily and read every single new post eagerly! Maybe I’m a bit much of a fan but you’re just so inspiring.
    I can relate to the things you write here a lot. Shockingly a lot but I think in a good way!
    That you write them down gives me the urge to write my own thoughts down again even if it’s just on paper and not on the internet. I stopped recently because of everything that has been going on lately. (university, moving, family, health) Let’s just say it’s a lot!
    Erm, all I wanted to say is I love your blog and it was definitely a very good decision!


    1. Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that you can somehow connect with what I write about. And with ‘just’ writing down on paper, actually I did that before as well. Just for myself. But I realized I always wrote like someone was suppossed to read it and give me answers… so that’s when I started to write my blogposts, because it is helpful to me and if it is in some way helping others as well, all the better 🙂
      I hope you’re doing better now with all that is going on in your life!


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